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It is vital that all elements of a web service work seamlessly and effortlessly together. Netacious understands this and works tirelessly to ensure that the end-result user experience is as smooth and polished as possible, at times masking the complexity of the underlying system.

Netacious can offer the expertise to create, advise on and support all the elements of your project.

Services offered include (but are by no means limited to):
Design | Scripting | Database | User-interface | Hosting | Support

 | Scripting | Database | User-interface | Hosting | Support DESIGN

All Netacious web sites are custom designed to suit the requirements of the client. The Netacious ideology is to keep things as simple as possible, whilst still providing rich functionality and a seemless user experience. Netacious is not afraid to use whitespace to create an easy-looking design.

 | Design | Database | User-interface | Hosting | Support SCRIPTING

Anything but the most basic of web sites will require custom coding, or scripting. This is the bit that makes interesting things happen on your web site. PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, are the bedrock Netacious scripting tools, augmented with other more specific technologies as and when required.

 | Design | Scripting | User-interface | Hosting | Support DATABASE

For any kind of 'dynamic' functionality, an under-lying database will probably be needed. Netacious favours the open-source MySQL database engine, which is highly adaptable and scaleable.

 | Design | Scripting | Database | Hosting | Support USER-INTERFACE

The experience of the user when browsing a web site is of the utmost importance; poor layout, broken links, difficult navigation and non-functioning features are all guaranteed to ensure that your visitors will not be spending very long browsing your site. Netacious likes to use 'state-of-the-art' technology to bring funky elements into play, but also understands that not all end-users will have to capability to use them, so it is also vital that fall-back options are available, for example ensuring that a site still works when JavaScript is disabled.

 | Design | Scripting | Database | User-interface | Support HOSTING

Every website needs a place to live - this is called a web server. A Netacious-built web site can be hosted on any suitable platform, but can also be hosted 'in-house' at a very reasonable cost. Netacious can also host other content on similar terms. Contact Netacious for more information.

 | Design | Scripting | Database | User-interface | Hosting SUPPORT

Netacious can provide support for pretty much anything web-related. One-off problem solving, on-going support, upgrading and fire-fighting are all part of the Netacious agenda.