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Some recent Netacious projects:

The Barge is a live music venue in Gillingham, Kent, which has a very unique and distinct character. It is a well-known venue both locally and nationally, and has played host to many touring national and international acts as well as supporting local talent.

The Netacious role was to totally re-design and re-write the web site, complete with custom back-end admin CMS (content management system) giving the client complete control over all dynamic aspects of the site content.

Technologies used include the LAMP stack, Apache/mod_rewrite, jQuery (inc. ajax, Colorbox), CKEditor (including custom plugins), automated Twitter updates, confirmed opt-in mailing list, many-to-many database relationships.

Kenny Ball Junior, otherwise known as Keith Ball, is the son of the late, legendary British jazz musician Kenny Ball, who had many hits in the 60's and 70's including 'Midnight In Moscow' and 'When The Saints Go Marching In'.

Since his father's passing in 2013, Kenny Ball Junior has been keeping the flame burning by continuing to play concerts with the same band line-up which includes original members of over 50 years' standing.

Netacious was brought on board to re-design and re-develop the old website, and bring the whole enterprise into the 21st century. The admin interface has complete control over all aspects and content of the web site, including the ability to add new pages dynamically.

Technologies used include the LAMP stack, Apache/mod_rewrite, jQuery, customised CKEditor, custom-built image gallery management, HTML5 audio playlist for CD sample tracks (including admin upload facility to assign both MP3 and OGG format samples to CD tracks for maximum cross-browser compatibility).