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Netacious is a web development consultancy based in the Medway Towns, Kent (England).

With 20+ years' experience in software delevopment gained in many different business sectors, both as a freelance and within organisations of all sizes, I began specialising in web-based applications in the late 1990's just as the internet boom was really taking off.

The core technology with which I work is the classic open-source LAMP stack, although I have considerable experience in other areas. I am someone who 'gets' the net, and so can turn my hand to pretty much anything web-related.

My main focus is the development of bespoke, feature-rich web sites and related services. I do not use templates; when I build a site it is designed and hand-coded from scratch, ensuring a unique web presence which will stand out from the crowd and which does exactly what the customer wants.

If you would like to know anything more, please feel free to contact me.